Inbound Optimization

The Challenge

The requirements of logistical delivery chains are getting more and more complex and so do the requirements for software used for planning, simulation, and optimization to ensure permanent economical operation. Clearly visible are these challenges within the automotive industry for example.

Cars off the rack are outdated. Company car or small trucks – vendors must offer diverse possibilities for individualization. For potential customers the nearly unlimited configuration options may be nice, for vendors and providers this individualization trends however bear huge logistical challenges.

Parts and components of a car are delivered from all over the world and must be available at the conveyer on the dot. The growing globalization of productions makes delivery chains longer and more complex.


In a few steps the delivery frequency is optimized with the help of LOCOM.SCS

A crucial advantage compared to prevalent solutions:

  • You are able to simulate the flows based in your real data in advance
  • Find the optimal solution for your company and include your individual priorities into decisions from the start
  • Do you want to reduce cost, is service level the highest priority, or do you have slim tolerances for storage space ?

With LOCOM.SCS you design the overall process from binning to process cost evaluation making optimal choice of frequency and transport mode possible.

Optimzation in a few steps

Optimzation in a few steps

Transparency through visibility of your shipments

Identify cost drivers and potentials based on real data

Specific assessment of your process cost

Simulate for precise calculation of cost savings

Specific recommendations based on calculated optimization

Results of the Inbound Optimization


Visibility of all (inbound) shipments

All shipments at one place:  when, what and how often

Simplified Controlling

Through specific and consistent assessment of your process cost, accurate benchmarking is made possible

Simulate with actual real data

Simulate before making costly business decisions

Business Administration Review

Calculate  in advance with sophisticated what-if-simulaitons savings


Flyer LOCOM.SCS Inboundoptimierung

Mit der LOCOM.SCS Lieferfrequenzen und Transportkanäle optimieren

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