Network Simulation


  • Real networks operate based on complex rules defining the logic of the supply chain
  • Sustainable decisions concerning service, capacities and cost can only be reached by integrated consideration of all factors
  • To identify long term effects of different network strategies large data amounts must be simulated
  • The simulation of new ideas before their implementation into the real world must be possible to estimate consequences, risks and chances

Our Solution

Based on the available data sources preparation and transformation steps are defined to gain a uniform data model. The simulation engine is configured to meet the restrictions in practice and it is provided with parameter options to enable easy and intuitive changes in the simulation rules. “What-If” scenarios can be simulated, compared in a structured way, and stored. Extensive visualization possibilities by maps, charts and reports help to understand and compare the results easily.

Simulate complex logistic networks

Results for the simulation of logistical networks

New strategies for your networks

Simulate with real life data. Find the best strategy for your network – simulate, don´t guess!

Complete cost transparency

Transparency of costs, service and capacity utilization in both the current situation and future scenarios

Act - don´t react!

Prepare your Network early on for future changes, such as increasing demand, changes in inventory management and new service requirements


Flyer Netzwerksimulation mit LOCOM.SCS

Abbildung und Simulation logistischer Netzwerke

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