Supply Chain Visibility


There could be many reasons for poor Supply Chain Visibility, e.g.:

  • inconsistent tools and infrastructure
  • differing KPIs
  • or simply traditionally grown processes, unable to view supply chains in totality with economical key parameters

With an inconsistent view – possibly only on parts of the supply chains – shortages and potentials for optimization can hardly be identified assumed enhancements cannot easly be proven future results of optimizations cannot reliably be simulated Because the overall system cannot be represented consilitatedly

Our Solution

Extended Supply Chain Visibility with LOCOM.SCS is jointly reached by in a few steps:

  • Identify Logistics data company – and systems-wide and collect them in a LOCOM.SCS datamodel configured with best fit for your company
  • Preparation of data, enrichment and refinement. For you: Eventually comparable KPIs in a uniform datamodel
  • Process cost modes, routing and simulation can be defined for arbitrary logistics structures: With this knowledge you can simulate different models with arbitrary priorities
  • For reporting and controlling any conclusion will be visualized, e.g. in tables, on maps, or on dashboards. This will provide a clear view on the overall pictures
  • The conclusions can be mirrored back to the operative systems

Visibility for the whole Supply Chain



Reporting of relevant KPI



Controlling for all logistic metrics



Standardize, enrich and refine logistics data





After examiming your data a universal data model is created and applied for your company


Standardize, enrich and refine logistics data


Process cost models, routing and simulation are mapped to any logistical structure


Data and results are presented in tables, maps, and dashboards
  • Existing data 70%
  • Complementary model-based data 30%
  • Visibility with relevant KPI 100%

Results of Supply Chain Visibility

Unified data

Your logistics data is uniform, comparable and centrally usable throughout the entire supply chain

Identify cost drivers

The unified process and process cost model makes it possible to evaluate each item individually – cost drivers are identified, potentials can be lifted

New decision-making horizon

The new, holistic view of the entire supply chain opens up new decision horizons at all management levels – in operational, tactical and strategic planning areas

Downloads Supply Chain Visibility

Flyer LOCOM.SCS Extended Supply Chain Visibility

Stellen Sie mit der LOCOM Supply Chain Suite Sichtbarkeit über alle Prozesse und Kosten Ihrer Supply Chain her

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