Tender and Contract Management

The Challenge

A large scale company evaluates it‘s current logistics situation concerning existing and future delivery contracts. Data for delivering locations (warehouses, sites) are available as well as delivery amounts and current routes. Tenders are to be checked and eventually newly defined and released. Incoming bids are to be evaluated based on various priorities.

Handling contracts is to be done centrally as well as freight cost auditing.


With LOCOM.SCS Tender and Contract management all tenders existing and all master data are merged into one intelligent system. Based on standardized data shippers or large scale logistics service providers alike can analyze their network situation comprehensively as a first step.

In many cases this will already result in first optimization potentials and palpable tenders.

LOCOM.SCS support you with an intelligent simulation engine to design suitable tenders.

You manage tenders directly with LOCOM.SCS – all documents, matrices, letters are maintained in the system. Evaluation of bids received including What-If-simulations on your actual data is done directly in LOCOM.SCS as well.

Awarding a tender leads to automatic creation of a contract. You define, send out and archive contracts directly in LOCOM.SCS too.

The overall process of tendering and handling contracts is represented comprehensively in one System.

 Manage Tender and contracts in 4 steps

How to manage tenders and contracts

Time savings in processing and tendering



Comparability for tenders, offers and proposals



The entire process is handled with system support



All contract data at a central location in a consistent format



Procurement transparency

Results of the Tender Management

Unified data

Central unified data base (master data including historical delivery and contract data)

Standardized contracting

The comparability between tenders, offers and donations makes decisions comprehensible at any time

Identification of savings potentials

Target-actual comparison, what-if simulations

Automated process support

Automated contract creation and archiving, automatic contracts, tendering and contract handling process centralized


Flyer Tendermanagement mit LOCOM.SCS

Von der Ausschreibung über die Vertragsgestaltung bis hin zur Abrechnung

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